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Admissions of students without regard to race, color


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Games and Sports

Our co-curriculum activities program covers various academic subjects in Arts and Sciences; and takes care of students at Nursery, Primary and secondary levels. 
Examples would include sports, musical activities, debate, community service, religious study groups, charitable fundraising, projects, drama, clubs, and hobbies such as cookery and dance. Because these are not examined in the same way that the academic curriculum is and most of them take place outside lessons, such activities are voluntary.
By contrast, extra-curricular activities are less well organized and funded, being entirely voluntary for students and taking place outside the school timetable. School staff may be involved in running extra-curricular activities
“The students compete among themseleves in different games according to their houses and this is finally done one on the sports day when all the parents and the staff are their as the students show case their talents.”
Trophies awaiting winners on one of the previous competitions
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